Sunday, December 2, 2012

Goodbye Cameroon, Hello Ethiopia!

To my few and loyal readers,

Sorry I completely ditched my blog during my last six months in Cameroon. After a year in a half of living in Cameroon, I felt so at home and fell into such a routine that it never really crossed my mind to send out updates about my life. I realize now that if I was a blogger with more drive and motivation, I could have come up with world of topics to write about, but again, laziness got the best of me. I'm not the best at putting emotions, thoughts, feelings into words so I won't try to sum up the Peace Corps chapter of my life. I will, however, try to send out regular updates about my upcoming travels for the next few months.

Today is my first day in Ethiopia! I don't have much to say since we have only been here for 12 hours, most of those spent sleeping. What I can say so far is that every single person we have met has been extremely nice and helpful, and with absolutely no Amharic we have successfully had a cup of morning coffee, ordered a plate of local food, and took a crosstown bus like we actually know what we're doing.

By the way.... I have not gone crazy, nor have I decided to start referring to myself using the royal "we"... I am traveling with a fellow RPCV (as we are now Returned Peace Corps Volunteer), Yaya. We are equally confident, confused, and really, really excited.

From Addis,


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  1. I'm with you on not feeling a need to update. Enjoy your travels! When will you be back in the US?